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Golden Falcon

Now Open!! 12-6
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Call for same day appointment or click below to book online

Now Offering Basic Piercing. No Minors



Pre-Consultations available daily

We are here for you, Every day we are open to talk about tattoos you are interested in. We may be in the middle of working but as soon as we take a break we will give you as much time as we can to meet, greet, and discuss what you may want done.


If the project is extensive and you feel comfortable working with us, we will schedule a time just for you to talk and work out the bugs of your drawings. This secondary consult is when we will take photos of the area you want tattooed, sketch up a layout for you (this will be rough shapes and ideas) and gather some references for styles and images you wish to include. Your tattoo experience and design is important to us. And we know, that the tattoo is only forever. We want to ensure both the design and experience is the right one for YOU. 

We will only put as much input as required for healing properly and to make sure it flows with your body in a pleasing way. This is your experience and we want to make sure its the best that it can be.




Fill out a consult form at the bottom of the page for information.

Chapel Hills Top Rated Studio

Golden Falcon Tattoo, (formerly Gypsy Hill) has been around for 6 years. Kimberly moved here to begin a new life in an area that was ripe for growth and self improvement. She found an area full of community love and artistic opportunities. Coming from the midwest, somewhere there is a lot of close minded people and bad industry habits, she decided there was no where better than here to begin life with a new state of mind and the ability for personal growth. She is a member of multiple charities as well as being an active member of the community.


 Her mission was to create a safe space for all, with a NO JUDGEMENT policy. She created a place she could learn and grow. To become the best possible version of herself, and business dedicated to giving back to the people who have helped her along the way. 


We are happy to help with any challenge you have for us. We all have different specialties and are skilled in custom work of all styles. We do not believe ANY tattoo is less important, no matter how big or small.

Come see for yourself what we have to offer. 


We are proud to be sponsored by 2 organic aftercare companies. Wicked Fast skincare and King Bee healing balm. Both are beeswax based ointments designed to provide you with the best healing possible.

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