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What we are all about:

The Golden Falcon Tattoo  studio is the new name of Gypsy Hill. We decided the name needed to change due to the recently common information about the word Gypsy and what it means to the Romany people. 

WE ARE ABOVE ALL ELSE a place we want all peoples of all types to feel safe and comfortable, so we decided it was time for a change. 

We are still the same Owner and business that you have come to love, or heard about online or from friends. Still committed to providing the highest quality service and product. As well as a commitment to being better for the environment with Vegan and organic supplies, as well as biodegradable plastics.


Join us wont you!

Golden Falcon will no longer be offering piercings. You may contact us by phone for a deposit refund.

202 E Winmore Ave,  Chapel Hill. Nc 27516

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